Pet Service Options

Pet Cremation $195.00

Includes the transfer of your pet from a veterinary clinic in a ten mile radius of Weirton, a wooden urn, the cremation, your pet's paw print, a Certificate of Cremation and delivery of your pet's cremated remains to any Weirton Area veterinary clinic or residence within 48 hours of your pet being cremated.

Transfer Fees into our care

Transfer from a veterinary clinic into our care:

Transfer of your pet into our care from any veterinarian's office within a ten mile radius of Weirton, is available to you at no charge.

Residence Transfer fees into our care:

Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm in Weirton Area $95.00

Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm outside of Weirton Area $95.00plus $3.00 per loaded mile.

Nights, Weekends and Holidays in Weirton Area $295.00

Nights, Weekends and Holidays outside Weirton $295.00 plus 3.00 per loaded mile.

After Hours Receiving

Receiving your pet into our care $50.00

DVD Memorial Tribute

Basic $60 (up to 25 photos)

Better $80 (up to 40 photos)

Premium $120 (up to 60 photos)

More Merchandise

Additional paw prints $15:00

Memorial Candle $20.00

Memorial Items

Personalized Urns, Burial Caskets, and Keepsake Items are available at our funeral home.